Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Blog?

One of the reasons I decided to blog again and encouraged my friend Sara ( ) to do so, also, is that I'm tired of reading cryptic non-sentences in Facebook.

The misuse of homonyms (typos aside) makes a reader think the person writing is either dumb or illiterate. If this keeps up, I don't know how today's youth will communicate. There's a great list of homonyms here: . They should be reviewed!

Some schools have opted not to teach cursive writing. If today's youth can't write, how are they going to read my hand written notes? The notes will be in a "font" the youth won't recognize.

Will they be able to write a complete sentence with capitalization and punctuation? Only time will tell. I pity the historians two-hundred years from now, trying to decipher some bit encrypted text that appears to be a conversation.

Don't get me started on the photos where everyone is sticking out their tongues, looking stupid.

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