Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blackberries and Other Fruit

I question the value of the new ultimate toys for babies...Blackberry PDAs and/or cell phones. Where do I start? Most babies can't control their bladders, much less purposely push buttons or understand what the button's function is. If any parent is disillusioned enough to think their child is that special, they need their head examined.

It's all just another marketing ploy to sell more junk to keep the kids busy and deter them from developing the reading and writing communication skills to get them through life, the muscle tone to run and play, and the motor mobility to write with a pencil or pen. What will we call this new genre of couch potatoes, fruitcakes?

To top it off, as fast as technology is developing, by the time the baby's learning capacity is worthy of conquering the operation of a real Blackberry, the functionality will be obsolete, or the company out of business.