Monday, May 15, 2006

Life Should Be Simpler

It’s been two and a half years and I still haven’t mastered organization of my side-by-side freezer/refrigerator. Rather than having regular shelves, the freezer has wire racks and is almost too narrow to hold a pound of bacon crosswise. Containers that are not in rectangular boxes just seem to slide right off of each other. Therefore, having a neat freezer or putting certain items in logical places is nearly impossible. And I may as well forget keeping my 22-pound Thanksgiving turkey there or storing more than one half-gallon flavor of ice cream. Fortunately I have a whole freezer in my garage!

But, every time I come across a problem like this, my first thought is, “It must have been designed by a man!” Granted, I do not own the largest version of this refrigerator/freezer because I am a one-person family. That doesn’t mean I should have to tolerate a messy unit.

I'm still trying to catch the frozen stuff before it slides out to crush my toes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Formative Years Bonding

Why is it that knowing someone a short period during your formative high school years can have an effect on you all of your life? Even with a multi-decade gap in contact, the bond is firmly in place. This phenomenon can happen between best friends who have lost touch, previous lovers, or even with the relationship you only wish you'd had.

When you are young and some of these special people disappear from you life, you might be sad or disappointed. Then, later perhaps, you forget about them-until sometime ten or more years later, you find yourself lonely or feeling depressed. You think about your youth that leads you to them-wondering where they are, what has happened to them, if they think about you. If you're ambitious, you try to search for them-unsuccessfully. The Internet hasn't been invented yet.

More time passes. You miss a reunion, and suddenly it's 30 years since you've seen your former friends, and time for another reunion. Attending with anticipation, you find many who have changed on the outside. But usually a look into their eyes brings on recognition to confirm their identification, and you pick up where you left off with if no time had passed. There are just new and different experiences to exchange.

After the event when everyone has left the gathering, your mind reviews the evening and the newly received list of classmates with their locations (for the ones who aren't lost). Suddenly, you realize how many of your special friends were missing and once again wonder where they are, what has happened to them.

With new determination you begin your search again. Now thankful for the Internet, you are able to track down some of these people. You find best friends, former acquaintances, and even the lover you wish you'd had.

Because of the new communication advantages, you are able to email and catch up on the past 30+ years. Some of the friends who also moved to the area where you now live, meet you for lunch or for fun and games on a regular basis. A few times, the object of your romantic desires attends an event and you realize how right you were all those years ago. But it appears to be too late to realize your dream.

As I prepare to attend my 40th high school reunion on South Padre Island, I will be seeing many of these people who have helped mold me into who I have become. It will be a happy weekend, assuming my old friends and that someone special shows up.

After celebrating at the event, you are once again alone, reviewing the weekend and about whom you missed again at this reunion. You're easily smiling about those who were there and how much you enjoyed interacting with them. But unfortunately, when all these thoughts have settled, you realize everyone's age and feel heart wrenching agony, realizing this might be the last time in your life you'll ever see some of them.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Addicted to Oxygen

In general, I have a set of fabulous doctors: my internist, chiropractor, dentist, and surgeon.

But recently I have had the frustrating search for another doctor who can help me breathe through my nose. One side collapses considerably more than the other, so especially at night I can't get enough air. After visiting four ear, nose, and throat specialists, there were two prominent doctors who told me what needed to be done, but they don't do that type of surgery...I would need to go to a plastic surgeon.

The receptionist for my third referral said the doctor does the surgery, but won't make an appointment unless I opt to have some other facial plastic surgery at the same time. Granted, that might prove to be a vast improvement, but my coffers aren't full enough to cover non-insured "work". The next referral had moved or was no longer in business. Hummm. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Doctor number five (ENT/plastic surgeon) has a totally different surgical solution, but the office wanted to check with my insurance to see how much would be covered, since this would not be a patient-paid cosmetic change. That was almost a month ago and I've not heard from them since.

So...I got a sixth referral whom I saw yesterday. This doctor may be the most expert of all those I have seen. His professional opinion was that the holes are big enough to get the air I need even though the side collapses (as everyone's does) and that I should just learn to sleep with my mouth open and breathe through it. Well, duh. After all these years, as old as I am, don't you think I would be doing that if I could? He would not do any surgery.

I'm back at square one. Not getting enough sleep because I can't get enough air. Surely I'm addicted to oxygen to go to so much trouble and expense (even if most of the expense thus far is on the part of my insurance company).

I suppose I should feel fortunate that I have insurance that will at least pay for all these "rejections". But I doubt I can get away with many more search missions. And as far as referrals are concerned, I'm really just getting names from my PCP, but don't need to have official referral paperwork, waiting, etc. to add to my frustration. My search started around the first of the year and here it is almost three months later. My dilemma is whether to continue my pursuit and find a less reputable doctor, or just suck it up!

Friday, March 17, 2006

In The Beginning...

As I write my first official blog, I realize I have been blogging on my own within my website for the past 6 years. To date, my writing has been for me...a way to remember the details of an exciting travel adventure, writing about strong feelings (good or bad) as a way to either share or dissipate them, or just to document my life.

Coming up with information for a blog that might be remotely interesting, entertaining, or non-private may prove to be considerably more difficult. I don't consider myself a great writer, but most of the time I use proper grammar and can spell correctly (not counting typos). I have talented friends who write so much better. The thought of daily entries for public consumption is laughable. And, often, to be able to write in an entertaining fashion you need to have something actually happening in your life, which is not my current status.

So, maybe someone will read my blogs, or not. Let me know if you read anything interesting. In general, I'm still writing for myself.