Sunday, April 15, 2007

Willing Telepathy

Have you ever wanted someone else to do something so badly that you attempted to use mental telepathy to make it happen? You know, where you try to inject your own thoughts into the other’s mind?

After trying mega multiple times over a time span of several years using all the “might” that I can muster from my brain, and feeling somewhat foolish because I know it’s not a proven science, I deduced that if it were at all possible, my attempt would work. But since the target of my brain waves has not performed in the way I wanted, I must conclude that thought transference is a myth...something that is impossible to do. It’s not like my projected thought was to do something illegal.

Even though I have failed all these years, my desire to project to this person and have my request fulfilled is so strong, I will continue to exercise my skill or lack there of until I am no longer able to do so. Why, you might ask? It’s because I have this intuitive feeling that what I am projecting is destined to happen.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Why Are We Paying?

There oughta be a law about how many times an infomercial can be shown within a certain time span and how many simultaneous broadcasts can be made on different channels. And I don’t understand the concept of paying for cable TV channels that are infomercials at least six hours a day. How are cable companies getting away with this?

Of course, back in the ‘70s (or was it the late ‘60s) I never understood the need to pay extra to have name brands on the outside of your clothing, thus advertising for them at your own expense. Maybe it’s just that I’ve always been the odd person out.

Can someone explain the logic in either of these?

Friday, April 06, 2007

The New Aerobics

I just finished forty-five minutes of aerobic weed pulling. I bet you thought weed pulling was a sedentary activity. Wrong.

The first of the season weeds in my back yard are an average of two feet high and today the air is a chilly fifty degrees. Since my back yard is so bad, I thought I’d rush out and pull only one large bag full, something I didn’t think would take too long based on the size of my weeds. So rather than sitting down on a towel on the grass and scooting along, pulling them until they all disappeared, I utilized the seldom-employed bend over method. Unfortunately, the weeds kept compressing in the bag and I removed twice as manyas I had intended. Although we recently had rain, a few of the roots were stubborn, so I also experienced the side benefit of upper body muscle toning along with my cardio.

Next time I need to remember to do this in front of an audience as I did with my hot summer edging and mowing in the front yard. When I exert myself my face, neck, and shoulders turn a brilliant red. At the time, my new, much younger next-door neighbor must have thought I was going to have a heart attack because when I loaned him my mower, he volunteered to mow my yard, front and back, along with his own. He continues to do this now, three years later.

The way I was huffing and puffing when I came in from my weed pulling, surely he would have volunteered to do my weeds, too! Actually, he already did volunteer to mow and bag them for me since many were the thorny kind, but I asked him to give me a chance to pull them so I could get the roots out of the grass.

To encourage him to continue helping me, in addition to letting him use my mower, I bake banana bread for him, but as nice as he and his family are, I don’t really think I’d have to do that. Anyway, it’s great having a thoughtful neighbor.