Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Has Been

During my lifetime I have worked at being...

  • a student
  • a U.S.P.S letter carrier
  • an engineering assistant on A-7 jets
  • an accounting clerk
  • an executive assistant for a large company Corporate Operations Controller
  • a chemical technician on a solar energy project
  • a software designer for missile systems, image processing, toll tags, software telephony for mobile systems, and a web designer
  • finally a college graduate
  • a cruise travel agent
  • a database designer
  • a friend

I have Volunteered as...

  • a Girl Scout leader
  • a Girl Scout leader trainer
  • a church choir member, building committee member and secretary, a church newsletter publisher
  • a voluntary homeowner association secretary and HOA newsletter publisher
  • a gatherer and coordinator for high school classmates communication and reunion planner

My Hobbies and other interests include...

  • swimming
  • sewing
  • cooking, baking, candy making
  • macrame
  • crocheting
  • tatting
  • bead and jewelry making
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • cards, board games, sudoku, crossword puzzles
  • dogs and cats
  • writing stories and poems

None of this has helped me—as a large, older, female—find a job with a large company with benefits. Many of these things I no longer do, but I could. There are classes I have taken that I never had the opportunity to use their knowledge.  Yet, even that is not what makes me a has been.

The fact that no one else recognizes or appreciates any of the skills and talents that I worked hard to acquire, that lack of acknowledgment is what makes me a has been.


Sara said...

I don't know about a has been...and they tell me (with my last unemployment check) that the job market is improving...but I think you're great! What does the future hold for us???...

GrannaSez said...

I think you're terrific and talented. The market is improving...they told me so when they said my unemployment ran out. What does the future hold for us, my friend?